The 5 secrets on how to upscale your business using social media marketing only a handful of people know

Every company is looking for multiple digital ways to boost its brand awareness to achieve the desired business growth but very few of them know the exact solutions that result in the engagement of the right audience for their business. Research shows that Social Media Marketing seems to be a powerful tool almost for every kind of business, be it an SME or Large Scale Industry. Do you really know how to use social media marketing to grow your business? If yes, add some more numbers in your metric using these tips and if not, try these useful 5 tips to grow your business surely:

1. Engage brand followers on social media:

Engaging content that solves your customer’s problems appeals to them and creates a special impression on your buyer’s mind. Keep posting such content on a regular basis to build a pool of loyal brand followers.

2. Increase social media share rate – target social media influencer:

Growing organic traffic is the tough challenge many businesses facing while marketing their brands on social media. One of the cost-effective ways to obtain new customers is to target social media influencers of the respective niche. Later, you can also partner with them to add good numbers to your metric.

3. Brand storytelling

Tell your brand’s story effectively across social media as everyone loves story and it will surely help you to build your brand’s deep connection and build strong trust with your customers. Use this tactic and differentiate yourself and sell your vision.

4. Use videos to keep your audience engaged and growing

3 V’s – Voice, Video & Vernacular are playing a crucial role these days in social media marketing and trend seem to remain consistent for the coming years. 77% of businesses use videos on social media for their branding and marketing purposes. Document your brand videos even in local vernaculars to keep your audience engaged and growing.

5. Generate qualified leads using targeted facebook marketing

With over 2.32 billion monthly active Facebook users, targeted facebook marketing can easily help you to target the right people and market your brand strongly in front of them converting them to paying customers. This technique is best suitable for e-commerce stores to generate highly qualified leads.

Use these tips and focus on building a strong brand presence on social media, else be ready to see your competitors clutching away your customers.

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